Method of Registration

1. For a ‘Cattlelog’ and price list, contact the British Blue Cattle Society on 01923 695255.

2. To register a calf, complete an entry in your ‘Cattlelog’ and telephone ‘Telereg’ on Freephone 0800 980 8565.

3. All calves must be registered before they are 45 days old, 14 days if you require a BCMS Passport through the ‘Telereg’ system. On receipt of payment a full pedigree certificate will be forwarded to you.

4. If a registration is made between 45 and 90 days the charge will be the appropriate registration fee plus a £12.00 fine.

5. If the registration is made between 90 and 365 days the charge will be the appropriate registration fee plus a £117.00 fine.

6. To register an animal after 365 days, contact the Society Secretary. The charge will be the appropriate registration fee, plus the fine, as in ‘5’ above, plus a £117.00 fine per year thereafter until a maximum of £468.00 Please note a DNA profile will be required.

7. If two bulls have been used for the same insemination, a DNA parentage check will be required to prove parentage. DNA kits are obtainable from the Society at a cost of £24.75. The pedigree certificate will be withheld until the DNA analysis is received. Registration must still be made within 45 days.

8. An “Embryo Registration Form (ET1)” must be supplied to the Society immediately following a flushing. Calves cannot be registered without an ET 1 form and an associated ET 2 Amendment Form, this being used to automatically calculate an ET calf’s gestation length. A DNA profile is also required to be on file in respect of the genetic sire and dam. DNA kits are available on 01923 695255, or 01768 870522.

9. To register a calf, which was born by Embryo Transfer, follow the same procedure as in step 2.

10. When registering a calf, sired by a ‘Semen Royalty Bull’, the appropriate fee will be charged at the point of registration. For a current list of eligible bulls visit or tel. 01768 870522.

11. Should a calf die or not achieve potential before 365 days, return the original full pedigree certificate and on receipt a credit of £23.30 will be made to your account.

12. Where a calf’s gestation length and or birth weight are outside the British Blue breed ‘norm’, it may prompt an on-farm, Society registration policing visit.

All above charges + Vat at current rate

All registration dates and charges will be strictly adhered to. The purpose of the fine system is to ensure that animals are registered promptly. If you wish to register an animal please ensure that this is done before it reaches 45 days of age.